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New Construction Up To 2% Of Our Commission To You

We Have New Construction ready to Move In now

New Construction

2% REBATE TO BUYERS with 3% Commission
Example: $400,000 existing home purchase (commission 3%)
$12,000 commission
$8,000 rebate to buyer

1.6% REBATE TO BUYERS with 2.5% Commission
Example: $400,000 existing home purchase (commission 2.5%)
$10,000 commission
$6,400 rebate to buyer

Congratulations on starting the process of home ownership!

Why buy a new construction home?

  • Ability to customize your home's floorplan and features
  • All products in home are brand new and under warranty
  • New products are more energy efficient and up to current safety standards
  • You are the first one to live in the home
  • When you buy a new construction home with Golf Realty you may qualify for a rebate of up to 2%

How can I get the new construction rebate?

It's easy! All you have to do is contact Golf Realty by email, text or phone. We will send you the appropriate paperwork to establish a buyer agency agreement. This relationship must be established BEFORE your first visit to the home builder. The agreement guarantees that we get paid, simultaneously ensuring that you will get your rebate from our commission. We pledge to be a part of your transaction from contract to close.

If you have visited the Builder before - register Bernie or Taylor Kaminsky, Golf Realty as your Realtor.

You may call the Builder Rep to register us as your Realtor or let us call to Register you as the Buyer.

*During the FIRST VISIT to the home builder, be sure to list Bernie or Taylor Kaminsky
as your Realtor, Golf Realty inc. on the Guest Card

*Make sure your agent's name is on the contract before it is signed by yourself and the builder

Restrictions on offer

  • Must not be represented by another real estate agent through written agreement
  • If less than 3% commission is offered the rebate will be reduced accordingly
  • Rebate must be approved by lender and appear on settlement statement
  • Builder must allow Credit to Buyer from a Realtor
  • Lender must approve Credit from Realtor and Credit to appear on closing document.
  • The Credit may be limited to the amount of Closing Costs you have with charges for
  • Loan, Home Insurance, Escrow, Title, HOA, Buydown of Loan Interest Rate.  Any Credit amount not used may not be eligible for cash back or payment to loan principal.

* Register Bernie or Taylor Kaminsky, Golf Realty inc. as your Realtor with the Builder

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Services to our Buyers:

  • Recommend a trusted lender - We want to get you started by getting you pre-approved. This can greatly enhance the appeal of your offer! Our partner can help you get the best rates on your loan too!
  • Search properties according to your criteria - We create a personalized Portal for you to view, prioritize, and leave comments on properties of interestWork according to your schedule - We work when it's best for YOU. Showings are scheduled any time at your convenience
  • Notify you of market updates - We check every day to see what's new, price changes, etc.
  • Compare other homes on the market - By completing a market analysis we can ensure you are getting a fair deal
  • Inspection - Use the Rebate to have an inspection done on your new home. Identify and correct any problems before you close.
  • Closing - We will review closing statements, finish final preparations and attend closing meeting with you
  • We provide all material facts that could influence your decisions and negotiate the best possible price and terms

Our loyalty is to YOU 
I will deliver listings you may be interested in to your email inbox and a Portal of these homes you can view anytime.

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